Florian Maviel, Anne Camillo, violins
Céline Tison, viola
Pablo Tognan, cello

Since it was founded in 2004, the Tercea Quartet has built its identity through a committed musical engagement and an ongoing refreshing approach of the impressive repertoire of string quartet. The quartet has won many international competitions prizes : in 2014 the 3rd Prize of the Orlando International Competition (Holland), 1st Prize and Audience Prize of the 2009 Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition (Norway) and was laureate of the 2006 Leoš Janáček International String Quartet Competition in Brno.

The Tercea Quartet has performed in many venues and festivals in France and Europe, playing with great musicians such as Denis Pascal, François Dumont, Brett and Paul Dean, Florent Héau, the Danel and Diotima quartets, Sodi Braide, Lise Berthaud... They also have been on radio shows on France Musique (Gaëlle le Gallic show, Arièle Buteaux « Un mardi idéal » show or Stéphane Goldet « Plaisirs du quatuor » show). The Quartet also participated in Jean-François Zygel's « Boîte à musique » show on TV (France 2).

After obtaining their Chamber Music Diploma from Lyon Conservatoire (CNSMDL), the Tercea Quartet chooses to improve its skills abroad, studying for 3 years with the Artemis Quartet in Belgium (Queen Elizabeth Music Chapel). Then, Günter Pichler (Alban Berg Quartett) invites them to his course at the Madrid Escuela Reina Sofia dans where the quatuor stays between 2009 and 2010. From 2011 to 2013, the quartet was in-residence at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paris (ENS).

Since 2008, the quartet has followed ProQuartet's professional training, meeting and receiving advice from Günter Pichler, Eberhard Feltz, Heime Müller, Walter Levin and Louis Fima. In July 2011, the quartet participes in Aix-en-Provence Chamber Music Academy, working with the Quatuor Jérusalem and creating the work Crescent Scratches by Yann Robin.

The Tercea Quartet gets involved in education action, designing a children's show that it performed from 2010 until 2012 for the French and Belgium Jeunesses Musicales.  It also participates in ProQuartet education program in Paris schools (from kindergarten to high school).

The Tercea Quartet also collaborated with Denis Plassard, Propos company choreographer around a show created at the 2010 Lyon Dance Biennial. The Quartet also works with the Moroccan singer Oum on her album Zarabi and with the accordionist Gregory Daltin. It also commissioned the young composer Benjamin Attahir for a string quartet. The Tercea Quartet has also been participating in Duo Zarafoud album En Modalie.

The Tercea Quartet has received support from Adda 82, Adda 32, Belgacom and the Albeniz Foundation.