Lola RUBIO, violon
Laura HOVESTADT, alto
Kyu Bin HWANG, violoncelle
Maximiliano ESTUDIES, ingénieur du son


we are not a string quartet
we do not redefine the term
we do not define it at all
we break it open
until it finally vanishes into the nonentity
from here on the game can begin


we think that mozart is played too often
we think that stockhausen is played too often
we don't doubt the genius of these two randomly picked examples
we sweat we know that the human brain has a tendency to rust up and that acetone is soluble
we think there are rules that make sense and rules that don't
we ignore the ones that don't
we do not see listening to contemporary music as something elitist
we smoke we understand the belonging of electronics to music as a matter of course
we do not know our artistic limits
we think we deconstruct habits
we construct a smart playground


acetone is a colorless, volatile, flammable liquid with a slightly sweet smell, which