After her studies at the CNSMDP, she stayed in several countries in Europe for residencies of artists, for interdisciplinary collaborations (dance, exhibition, performance), as well as for her own projects and research (especially on voice andperception) supported by the French Institute and Kone Foundation. His works have been created and performed at festivals in France, Spain, Belgium and Finland.

By pursuing the idea of ​​slowness, she has been focusing since 2016 on the study of a temporal system inspired by astronomy. The slowness it defines is a temporal space that changes slowly and perpetually, where several different periods coexist and influence each other. In this sense, time is relative and interactive for her, which changes according to the points of view.

She develops this principle and is currently working on Madonna's Parrakas (The Bearded Madonna) for three voice and electronic, Orbital s0undb1ts interactive and space installation, as well as other projects.