At the age of 8, Alain Planès gave his first concert with orchestra in the city of Lyon where he studied before he entered the Conservatory of Paris in Jean Doyen’s class, and Jacques Février’s one to learn Chamber music. He went then to America and chose the University of Indiana in Bloomington, where he benefited from learning of Menahem Pressler, and became his assistant, and also had the privilege to study with György Sebök, Janos Starker, Franco Gulli and William Primrose. He is, with György Sebök, Janos Starker’s partner and toured with him in USA and in Europe. In 1979, Rudolf Serkin invited him for the first time to the Marlboro festival, which he became one of the younger seniors.
Back in France, Alain Planès became piano soloist of the Ensemble Intercontemporain, at the behest of Pierre Boulez. Then, from 1981, he pursued his carreer of soloist and chamber musician which led him to the biggests festivals: Festival d’Art Lyrique of Aix-en-Provence, Montreux, La Roque d’Anthéron, Folle Journée of Nantes, Saintes, Piano aux Jacobins, Marlboro...). He appeared as a chamber musician with Alain Meunier, Jean-Jacques Kantorov, Michel Portal, Gérard Caussé, Stéphane Degout and many others, which makes him an intented partner. In concerto, he plays with the Orchestra of Paris, the National Orchestra of France, Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio-France, orchestras of the Opera of Paris, Monnaie of Bruxelles, SWR of Baden-Baden and Concerto Köln, les siècles.
Alain Planès released many records from Harmoni Mundi : Schubert’s complete, Debussy piano solo pieces complete and records dedicated to Chopin, Chabrier, Janacek, Haydn, Scarlatti and Bartok. All of his records have received critical praise.
Alain Planès has always been interested in old instruments, and plays on pianofortes of XVIIIthand XIXthcenturies. He is now preparing a concert of Beethoven’s complete sonata on historical instruments, filmed by female director Solrey, which has otherwise dedicated to him a beautiful documentary : “Alain Planès : The unruly infinity".