Composer (born in 1956 in Bursto Arsizio, Italy)

Pianist, Alessandro Solbiati studied composition with Sandro Gorli at the Milan Conservatory and with Franco Donatoni at Sienna Academy. He wins many prizes in composition competitions such as the Milan International Competition with Quartetto d’archi (1980), or the Roma RAI-Paganini Prize with Di Luce, concerto for violin and orchestra (1982).

As a composition teacher, Alessandro Solbiati teached at the Bologna & Milan Conservatories, at the Acanthes Center and also gived masterclasses Paris and Lyon Conservatoires (CNSMD). His music, played in the greatest International Festivals, is often written for small ensembles (Klimt for string trio and piano, 2007) and single instruments (Ibi, bone fabricator ! for flute, 2009).

Alessandro Solbiati is a poetry lover, his compositions are inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke, Friedrich Hölderlin and Baudelaire (Attraverso, 1990 ; Le réveil de mon âme, 2001). Russian literature also finds an echo in his operas Il carro e i canti (2008) from Pouchkine & Leggenda (2011) from Dostoïevski.