Lluis Castán Cochs, violin
Judit Bardolet Vilaró, violin
Miguel Jordà Saún, viola
Jesus Miralles Roger, cello

The Gerhard quartet is a story of friendship. They know each other since their childhood and they always have shared the passion for playing music and learning. That decided them one day, around 2000, to make playing quartets the main endeavour of their lives because their common ardour was strong and the differences between their personalities make their music more vivid.

Robert Gerhard was a catalan composer from Valls who was a pupil of Schoenberg at the beginning of the XXth century. Thanks to Gerhard, people like Webern or Schoenberg himself were visiting Barcelona very often. One can read in their correspondence how amazed they were about the city and the culture at that time, just before the Civil War and fascism killed any progress in Spain. That's why le Quartet took the name of Gerhard, because he was a resolute man who joined the avangarde movement of that time and who fought for his idea of music in a way the Quartet feel very identified.

The Quartet Gerhard is distinguished for a remarkable sensitivity for sound and for an inner respect for music as the highest link between human beings. As a Quartet, they have their main roots in Basel, Berlin and Hannover.

3rd prize winners in the International Irene Steels-Wilsing Competition (Berlin), they take part in venues such as the Chamber Music Series at the Stadt-Casino Basel (Switzerland), the Bordeaux String Quartet Festival (France), the Mozartfest Würzburg (Germany), the Musikamera series in La Fenice (Italy) the Chamber Music Series L’Auditori (Barcelona), the Muzenforum Concerten Bloemendaal (Holland). It is also remarkable their commitment to music of new creation, appearing in important venues such as the CNDM series in Madrid,Nuit de la Création in Aix-en-Provence and in the series of the Arnold Schoenberg Center in Vienna. 

Surpassing their early and enthusiastic praise, the Quartet Gerhard has shown, beyond all expectation, how talent and perseverance lead to success. The impeccable work of the Quartet Gerhard, particularly regarding the sound, added to the univocal direction they have taken to becoming an established string quartet, explains their recognition and achievement. With a critically acclaimed debut album under their belt, a good handful of reviews and a calendar of diverse concerts, during the 2017-2018 season the Quartet Gerhard offers four new programs that are evidently complex and complementary. Repertoires aimed at taking deeper breaths from an already common, shared source. Their poetry expressed in that which is strictly musical but also in that which encases it, mature beneath the presentation of these new programs. A path that forges ahead, towards its own horizon.

Among other long term projects stands out the String Quartet Academy in Vic (Barcelona), founded by Gerard Claret and Cuarteto Casals. Within this academy they are once per year involved as teachers in the task of conveying the beauty of chamber music making. 

Their performances have been broadcasted by Catalunya Radio and RNE (Spain), NDR (Germany) and SWR (Switzerland) on a regular basis. Among their discography we can find the CD-Album ‘Portrait’, supported by the new label Seed Music (Spain, 2016), and an upcoming release of their new album with music by Kurtag, Schumann and Berg under the prestigious label of Harmonia Mundi International.