Composer (born in 1945)

Graciane Finzi is French composer born in 1945 in Casablanca (Maroc).
A pupil at the Casablanca Conservatory where her parents were teachers, Graciane Finzi entered the Paris Conservatory at the age of ten. A teacher of music training for singers at the Paris Conservatory since 1979, she has composed notably operas, music theatre pieces and songs, the voice being her preferred area. Her catalogue also includes pieces for solo instruments, and chamber and symphony orchestra.

Different genres and influences can be founded in her style, the flamenco, for example, and the rhythms of Africa, texts in Arabic, and her works sometimes place amateur performers alongside and professional groups (Quand un enfant voyage, 2004). Graciane Finzi’s approach to instruments is to take into account their individuality and specificity, whatever the composition of the group, thus presenting a wide palette of colours, rhythms and intensities. Her works include Il était tant de fois (1979), Soleil vert (1983), Pauvre assassin (1990), Espressivo (1996), Le dernier jour de Socrate (1997), La tombée du jour (1998), Brume de sable (1999), Errance dans la nuit (2002), Là-bas, peut-être (2003), Concerto for amplified harpsichord and orchestra with cymbalum (2007), Kaddish (2009)...