Justina Repečkaitė (born in 1989) is a composer based in Paris and born in Lithuania. She studied composition both in Lithuania and France where she discovered her passion for late medieval culture, which led her to study geometric and mathematical concepts.

Since 2015 she has been a member of the Union of Lithuanian Composers.

The composition of Justina, Chartres for String Orchestra, was nominated by the International Tribune of Composers in 2013, and won the "Best Debut Prize" in Lithuania. The work was performed at the 2015 World Music Days in Ljubljana.

In 2017, his composition was selected for the International Review of Composers in Belgrade, the same piece having been selected for the World Music Days 2018 in Beijing.

The Music of Justina is played by Inter-Contemporary, Short-Circuit, 2e2m, Spectra, XY, OSSIA, MusikFabrikSüd Ensemble 21, SurPlus, Platypus, the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, the Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble, the Lithuanian Ensemble, The Warning Collective and by the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra.

His music appears in albums: Anthology of Lithuanian art music in the 21st century, ZOOM in 10, ZOOM in 12, Series of contemporary music: Lithuania and 30 moments of the Druskomanija festival.

Since 2017, Justina has been an artist in residence at the Singer-Polignac Foundation and composer-in-residence with the Le Balcon ensemble. The latter performs her new compositions in France. Justina also writes an  Incanta opera.

In 2017-2018 she is a scholar at the International Center of Nadia and Lili Boulanger.