Professional coaching counsellor

Laurence Thomas is a certified professional coaching counsellor with a diploma from ICI (Institut de Coaching International), and also an NLP Master Practitioner, offering individual coaching sessions, workshops, lectures and training programmes. With an engineering diploma from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon (INSA), she is certified to apply a Neuro-Cognitive and Behavioral Approach on the basis of the most recent scientific discoveries to help coachees adopt a positive attitude toward stress in tense situations by associating well-being with efficient performance.

She teaches office employees, company managers as well as professional musicians to prevent mental fatigue and burn-out on the job. By applying her specialized training in mindfulness (from the Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches), Laurence Thomas helps her clients attain the posture of “being in the moment”, thereby learning to adopt an attitude that simultaneously combines a high level of concentration with a serene outlook.

She is also a well-trained amateur violist and occasionally string quartet member.

Laurence Thomas is the author of several books including “La Boîte à Outils de la Motivation” (Paris: Dunod, 2014) and “La Boîte à Outils du Bien-être au travail” (Paris: Dunod, 2017).