Frédéric Aurier, violin
Julien Dieudegard, violin
Julian Boutin, viola
Luc Dedreuil, cello

The committed and demanding performances of the Béla Quartet have been repeatedly praised by the press. "The excellent Béla quartet". The world - July 2013. Founded in 2006 by 4 musicians from CNSM Lyon and Paris (Julien Dieudegard and Frédéric Aurier, violins, Julian Boutin, viola, Luc Dedreuil, cello), the Béla Quartet gathered around the desire to defend the fabulous repertoire of the 20th century as well as creation. The ensemble performs in France and abroad on eclectic scenes: Cité de la Musique in Paris, Arsenal de Metz, Aix en Provence Festival, Flâneries de Reims, Biennale Musique en Scène de Lyon, Why Note, Les Music in Marseille, Villa Medici, Les Suds in Arles, Jazz Nomads, Africolor, Plateau Workshop, Music Action, Electrical Days, and National Scenes.

The Béla Quartet is distinguished by its desire to be at the initiative of new compositions and to foster dialogue between performers and composers. He created or is about to create the works of Philippe Leroux, Francesco Filidei, Daniel D'Adamo, Thierry Blondeau, Benjamin de la Fuente, Jean-Pierre Drouet, François Sarhan, Nimrod Sahar, Jerome Combier, Garth Knox, Karl Naegelen , Alvaro Léon Martinez, Sylvain Lemaitre, Frederic Aurier, Frederic Pattar ...

Curious and enthusiastic about the diversity of trends that make contemporary creation, members of the Béla Quartet often associate themselves with iconic artistic figures: the improviser and performer Jean-François Vrod, the unclassifiable rocker Albert Marcœur, the griot Moriba Koïta, the young master of the oud Ahmad Al Khatib, the jazz trio overpowering Jean Louis.

In 2013, he published two discs, one devoted to a work co-written by Thierry Blondeau and Daniel D'Adamo, Plier / Unfold at Cuicatl / la Buissonne, the other, Métamorphoses Nocturnes, dedicated to Ligeti's music at AEON, whose release has generated great enthusiasm in the press (ffff Télérama, Luister 10 award, Gramophone Critics' Choice award ...).

"The members of the Béla Quartet seem to be thrilled, as this hard music, which they have been working on since their beginnings, seems to go unnoticed. (...) They triumph not less, by the allegiance to all the hair of their bows. "Gilles Macassar, ffff Télérama, January 2014

"(...) happily turned to their time, impressive in unexpected repertoires, open to unorthodox musical forms. A close watch, they offer each time moments of rare music, singular, confusing, forcing the respect of the whole profession and hypnotizing an ever more demanding audience. "Pascale Clavel, Le Petit Bulletin, nov 2013