Other concerts in France, Professional training

Kaija Saariaho, « Nymphea » (1987)
Jonathan Harvey, Quartet n° 4 (2003)

Thursday 20 June 201920:30
Friday 21 June 201914:00
Friday 21 June 201915:00
Friday 21 June 201916:00
Friday 21 June 201917:00

Thirsday 20th go June, 8pm
Béla Quartet

Friday 21th of June, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm
The ensembles of the Béla quartet's masterclasses

Concert of the Béla Quartet (20th of June) : Further informations about booking and fee to come 
Concert of the ensembles (21th of June) : Free entry

In partnership with IRCAM and the musée de l’Orangerie
As part of ManiFeste-2019 – with IRCAM technique