Professional training

In partnership with the Luberon string quartet festival

Jubilee Quartet (UK)
Ludwig van Beethoven, quartet n° 1 op 18 n° 1

Fitzroy Quartet (UK)
B. Bartok, quartet n° 3

Geist Quartet (Australia)
Ludwig van Beethoven, Grosse Fuge op 133

Saygun Quartet (Turkey) (to be confirmed)
Ephemeral Orchestra*
Karl Naegelen, La règle du jeu 
* The Ephemeral Orchestra is formed by the participants of the amateur academy, joined by a few professional musicians, and conducted by the composer Karl Naegelen.
The Orchestra is open to every musician (application : +33 (0)6 89 16 64 00).

Program subject to changes

Friday 24 August 201819:00