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Albert Marcoeur, Léopold et les automates
Marco Stroppa, Nouvelle œuvre
Conlon Nancarrow 
Etude n°6 pour piano mécanique
Etude n°21 pour piano mécanique "Canon X"
Toccata pour piano mécanique et violon
Etude pour piano mécanique n°3a "Boogie"
Noriko Baba, Nié (co-commission ProQuartet / Festival Musica)
Peter Szendy, Membres fantômes (extrait)
Raphaël Cendo, Nouvelle œuvre

Wednesday 02 October 201920:30

The stage holds a veritable cabinet of musical curiosities: a street organ, player piano, hurdy-gurdy, nyckelharpa, stroviol, gramophone, etc. For their first performance at Musica, the musicians of Béla have clearly stepped outside the bounds of the string quartet. With this eclectic selection of mechanical instruments, the performers and composers of this uncommon concert examine our contradictory relationship with machines – one fluctuating between fascination and repulsion. Is it a losing battle against these invulnerable rivals, or will we see a fruitful encounter that transcends the instrumental ?

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