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After many years of performing, and with a whole range of experiences nurtured by many different new encounters, the Voce Quartet has conceived Itinéraire as a journey with sixteen strings, freely inspired by the trailblazing example of Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály. This ethnomusicological work gave birth to uniquely coloured new masterpieces. And so the Voce quartet have chosen five superb artists from a range of diverse backgrounds – Kinan Azmeh, Vincent Peirani, Kevin Seddiki, Vincent Segal and Gabriel Sivak – giving each one a commission inspired by musical worlds with which they have a close relationship. In view of the novelty of the ideas involved, the quartet has enlisted the acute hearing and expertise of Vincent Segal, a unique practitioner of the cello, who has accompanied us in our instrumental and musical research.


Friday 26 October 201820:00

Co-commission of the Voce Quartet and ProQuartet