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J. Haydn, Trio in C major Hob. XV 27
J. Brahms, Trio in A minor op. 114 for clarinett, cello and piano

with the clarinettist Joë Christophe

Saturday 16 November 201915:00

Live Music Now works with a very diverse range of people that rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to experience live music - some of whom are very disadvantaged. They often face difficulties in communicating, cut off from the joy and pleasures of participating and sharing with others. LMN's approach to overcoming these barriers is through the quality of our musicians and the way we deliver our music.LMN's approach has been developed for over 40 years, realising the vision of our founders, legendary violinist Sir Yehudi Menuhin and his friend, LMN Founder-President, Sir Ian Stoutzker.LMN selects young, professional musicians who combine exceptional performing skills with special qualities of insight, generosity of spirit and flexibility. We enhance their skills through our distinctive approach to training and performance, and send them out into the community to perform for older people and children with special educational needs.




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