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Saturday 07 March 202016:00

Concept-car : Bugatti 28 (1922)
Music : Reynaldo Hahn, String Quartet n°1 (1939)
Hahn helds a special affection for the  Bugatti Model 10 (1908) which he dedicates the 2nd movement of his Sonata for violin and piano in 1927.
Concept-car : REAF 50 (1950)
Music : Dimitri Chostakovitch, String Quartet n°10 (1964)
The concept Reaf 50 was made by Vsevolod Bahchivandzhi in 1950 for both military and civilian purposes for soviets. Dimitri Chostakovitch is besides a emblematic composer of the soviet era.
Concept-car : Mercedes C111
Music : Ludwig van Beethoven, Great Fugue op. 133 (1824-25)
When a monument of Beethoven opera meets a monument of cars.

Full fee : 9,50€ / Free under the age of 26 years and Sociétés d'Amis des musées du Château
Booking : communication.compiegne@culture.gouv.fr

As part of the exhibition Concept-Car at the Château de Compiègne