Founded in 1987, ProQuartet - European Chamber Music Centre association has emerged as a reference structure in Europe for chamber music and string quartet promotion.

Building on its success, ProQuartet is seeking to expand its range of actions and would like you to become a partner in this great adventure. By helping ProQuartet, you will support the career development of young talents.


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 Beneficial tax measures

For individuals
Under the 1st of August 2003 French law about patronage, individual donations give access to tax deductions (66% of the amount paid until 20% of taxable income (delay possible).
For a 500€ donation, you get a 330€ tax reduction.

People liable for ISF can support ProQuartet-CEMC under the TEPA law (until 50.000€ a year and 75% of the amount paid).
If you live abroad (Europe, United States...) you can support ProQuartet-CEMC, benefting from your country of residency’s tax deductions.

For businesses and corporations

Your business can deduct from its taxes on the benefits 60% of the amount paid until 0,5% of its total sales.
For a 10.000€ donation, you get a 6000€ tax reduction.

Counterparties cannot go over 25% of the value of the donation. Patronage donation are not subject to VAT. Since January 2010, tax deduction is extended to the European Union.