« Our time in Paris has been one of the most incredible musical and cultural experiences of our lives, and we fell immensely indebted to you for your tireless work and organisation (…) Thank you for creating opportunities for us of which we could only dream back in Australia. »
Hillel String Quartet, January 2016

« Very nice and friendly people working for the masterclass. High level of lessons. Very well organised. Beautiful and quiet environment. Wonderful possibility for us to give two concerts, one in the church of Pont-Royal and one in Chateau de Lourmarin. Very enjoyable accommodation facilities. »

Nostos Quartet (2015)

« We had heard from ProQuartet from many years ago (...) it is simply known in the quartet world as a fantastic organisation. The possibility to study with some of the teachers during the year that ProQuartet has, is rare and wonderful! (...) The strongest points of the ProQuartet training program are: the fantastic teachers (...) ; an unparalleled passion from ProQuartet for (...) helping groups like us advance and develop ; ProQuartet always seems to operate at a very high level (...). »

Piatti String Quartet (2015)

« Collailm Duo were extremely impressed with the organisation and running of the ProQuartet Session in February 2015. The staff maintained a high level of professionalism while being very approachable and friendly. »

Collailm Duo (2015)

« The professional training gave us the possibility to work with very good musicians in the specific music that we need for our job and career (...), and also the chance to perform in an important space and festival that we know as one of the best centre of contemporary music (IRCAM). »

Quartetto Maurice (2015)

« We have been studying on ProQuartet courses for over five years (...). These courses have been invaluable in the development of the quartet. We have found ProQuartet to be an incredibly supportive organisation with a very serious and sensible approach to quartet teaching. (...) Shared experiences and the opportunity to discuss teaching and music among different groups is rare for quartets as we so often are alone. For an intense week you feel as if you are part of a quartet ‘class’. »
Doric Quartet (2007)

« We would like to choose a class every year like we do already. The program is fantastic »

« ProQuartet has been invaluable – Thank you. »

« ProQuartet was one of the best things we ever did as an ensemble.  Thank you ! »