Music and creation in the Nazi concentration camp universe

For the Archives nationales "Music and creation in the Nazi concentration camp universe" day, the Scarlett Quartet will give a concert for school children in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis), performing extracts from Brahms, Beethoven, Goué, Ulmann, Haas, Kraja, Schulhoff. 

Concert at Paris, Mairie du 4ème arrondissement

This year's "concours national de la résistance et de la déportation" theme being dehumanization in the Nazi concentration camp universe, the Archives nationales organise a concert with the Scarlett Quartet.

Emmaüs Solidarité

In partnership with Emmaüs Solidarité, ProQuartet's chamber music ensembles perform inside the 18th arrondissement refugee camp in Paris. ProQuartet wants to develop concerts and workshops with the institution.

Professional Academies Concerts 

Each ProQuartet professional training academy, a closing concert (free and open to all) is organised.