In 2017, ProQuartet-CEMC will be 30 years old. During these 30 years, the association has fully achieved its mission, contributing to the emergence of string quartets and supporting the chamber music community. 

As a concert producer & broadcaster, an artistic laboratory and a training & creation center, ProQuartet-CEMC works to make chamber music accessible to a diverse audience

ProQuartet is a a training, education and promotion institute for string quartet and chamber music, that organises concerts with international and French ensembles reaching a high level of excellence, in heritage places (Château de Lourmarin, Musée de l'Orangerie, Mairie du 4e arrondissement de Paris), as well as rural territories (sud Seine-et-Marne, Provence, Limousin), helping their professional integration and the transmission to a renewed classical audience.

Tradition of the Grand Masters

Based on the idea of transmission and filiation, ProQuartet enhances and supports young ensembles' seeking an ideal of musical discipline and integrity.

Training future chamber ensembles
Supporting young ensembles forms the basis of ProQuartet.

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