Since 1987, the support of the young sets establishes the foundation of Proquartet. The program addresses in the whole world, so giving evidence of the international brilliance of the association. In a will to favor the occupational integration, concerts, residences, awareness-raising activities and international exchanges can be proposed to the sets registered on the trainings.

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The members of Quartet Alban Berg, Amadeus, Arditti, Artemis, Belcea, Borromeo, Cherubini, Cleveland, Danel, Diotima, Hagen, Juilliard, Kolisch, LaSalle, Manfred, Prazák, Rosamonde, Vogler ainsi que les musiciens et compositeurs Maurice Bourgue, Marc-Olivier Dupin, Eberhard Feltz, Louis Fima, Gary Hoffman, György Kurtág, Alain Planès, Menahem Pressler, Ferenc Rados, Jörg Widmann are teachers.

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