Music School workshop in Fontainebleau

This workshop was initiated in 2000 with the Castagneri Quartet in Seine-et-Marne to promote chamber music and string quartet with different actions.

The 2017 edition will take place between April,1st and April, 5th at the Fontainebleau conservatory with the Zaïde Quartet. Bois-le-Roi, Montereau et Avon music schools will also participate in this workshop. A concert will complete this workshop on April, 5th at Fontainebleau theatre.

A Quartet in my Neighbourhood

Following the Seine-et-Marne music school workshop, ProQuartet implements amateur musicians concerts into private and neighbourhood houses. 
This project's goal is to involve the audience into concerts and to create social interactions in areas far from culture.

Conservatories itinerary in Seine-saint-Denis

ProQuartet and the Aubervilliers–La– Courneuve, Aulnay–sous–Bois, Pavillons–sous–Bois and Montreuil conservatories organise a chamber music itinerary with the Voce Quartet and various artists: Vincent Segal (cello), Philippe Gouttenoire (composer) and Antoine Maisonhaute (violinist, Tana Quartet).

This project has the support of Seine-Saint-Denis Conseil Départemental, a primary partner for ProQuartet cultural actions.

Paris conservatories residencies

ProQuartet develops partnerships with Paris conservatories : 15th and 19th arrondissements conservatories welcome Akilone Quartet, Zadig and Sōra Trios (ProQuartet residents). The ensembles can rehearse and take part in cultural actions with students.