Actions within Parisian schools

Since 2008, ProQuartet has been working in schools with awareness sessions to enable students from kindergartens, elementary schools, colleges and classes CLISS and REP + to benefit from direct contact with professional musicians.
ProQuartet has developed a partnership with the National Education and School Success Networks of the boroughs of North and East of Paris.

The federating theme is the discovery of chamber music and string quartet through various fun activities. By presenting age-appropriate string instruments through the partnership with Maison Sabatier, luthier in Paris, the explanation and illustration of the repertoire in its context, music becomes a living element, accessible to all. These courses also allow teachers to develop general and transdisciplinary pedagogical actions (history, geography, arts and letters) in their class, in parallel with musical interventions.

The Extracurricular Activities Time (TAP) is a time of organized activities and supported by the municipality as an extension of the day of class. These activities aim to promote access for all children to cultural, artistic or sporting practices.
ProQuartet has proposed to the municipality of Paris two multi-instrumental projects for elementary schools that will revolve around the form of a string quartet or a trio with piano for institutions with a keyboard, but also voice and flute.

This course will be an initiation and a first contact with classical music. It will allow students to discover string instruments (including voice) and "experiment" them. It will not be a course of instruments but an awakening to a genre can be removed from their daily lives, his vast repertoire and all the values ​​he carries: dialogue, requirement, respect, listening, tolerance. The group is thus envisioned as a wealth where everyone's participation and exchanges are essential.
An educational booklet containing the theme of the entire course and developed by ProQuartet will be given to each child from the first session. It will constitute the thread of the course.